We are a team
of highly-skilled and passionate geeks

Peter Swanson

Founder & CEO (Our Guru)
Peter is an entrepreneur with a strong background in quantitative analysis, business development, early stage operations, and finance. He is a graduate of the Dallas-based Forbes top ten tech accelerator, Tech Wildcatters and partner with Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP-Dallas).

Brian Shultz

President (our Chief Advocate)
Brian is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for bringing innovative solution(s) to market. His skills are in defining value, building worldwide sales channels and support organizations. His approach to sales and customer retention is his unwavering focus on customer and partner success, a passion for his team and in hiring the most knowledgeable and ethical customer-facing individuals.

Olia Bosovik

Director of Sales and Marketing (our Ambassador)
Olia as her title states, is the ambassador for Bowtie. She is obsessed with sharing the mission of Bowtie and with helping small and medium-sized enterprises turn data into gold. Her career spans 10+ years working in business development, marketing & sales for large corporations, smaller entrepreneurial ventures, and nonprofits. We are lucky to have her.

Swapna Dasari

Senior Business Analyst and Product Manager (our SwapnimusPrime)
Swapna as her title states, is the servant leader of the product development team at Bowtie . She is passionate about continuous improvement and the focus on people/processes/product towards the goal of having a better product than yesterday. Her career spans 15 + years within the IT industry working for large corporations, smaller entrepreneurial ventures, and nonprofits. We are lucky to have her.

Delia Herrera

Data Analyst (Our Data Diva)
Delia as her title suggests, loves DATA. She works with data all day long and she is really good at it. Delia was one of the first employees of Bowtie and is instrumental to our clients' success. We are lucky to have her.

Lynn Hamilton

Head of Administration (Our Fixer)
Lynn as her title states, is a superstar who has helped many young companies like ours with the critical administration tasks every business must deal with. A strategic partner and professional problem solver with impressive organizational skills, she is doggedly resourceful and calm under pressure, who loves helping us keep our focus on our customers and keeps the chaos of daily operations running like a smooth, well oiled machine. We are lucky to have her.