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Most small to medium sized businesses cannot readily afford a world class business intelligence and analytics suite.  Rather, they will see a $9/ user fee for any number of well-known business intelligence / visualization applications.  While that is about right for the visualization layer, it does not come close to covering the extraordinary cost of gather the data, cleansing and harmonizing it, storing it to a new database and then (and only then) building the algorithms and visualization widgets to view your data.  That $9 project is now 1,000X that original cost.  That is where Bowtie makes the BIGGEST difference.  We guarantee will get to your end results far faster and cheaper with us than with any other solution provider on the market.


Bowtie Concierge Service

So you don’t want to manage the data or the reports yourself, you don’t have the staff or desire to do so – no worries.  Bowtie is able to provide those services for you.

What is the Concierge Service?
This is akin to a retainer with your law firm. However, we provide steep discounts for hours used under the concierge service. Furthermore, we are able to provide quicker turn-around times for concierge customers. Our motto...No problem!"
What are the advantages of the Concierge Service?
Skip to the front of the line. A dedicated resource manager to call on when needed. This individual will see to it that your request is handled with the alacrity requested and will keep you abreast of our progress. The hours used for this prioritized service cost less than our regular Time & Material rates.
How does this help me?
Simple - we free-up your time and that of other resources so they can focus on other matters. Meanwhile, our experts can turn around what you need just as quickly if not faster. Say you have an important customer meeting and need a custom report - no problem. You have a board meeting and need to be able to drill down into your reports - no problem.
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Do It Yourself

The objective of self-service business intelligence is straightforward: enable end users to make decisions based on their own queries and analyses.  Bowtie allows business users to customize reports to their own needs, rather than relying only on the predefined data and canned reports available in most systems. However, maximizing the use of self-service analytics tools can be a challenge for organizations, despite their best intentions.  When or if they run into issues… we are still here to help (note the green chat button on your right).