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Financial Services

Financial Services industry is playing catch up when it comes to using data in real time due to lack of data visibility, aging legacy systems, and inability to securely access and leverage critical third-party data. Ever changing regulatory compliance makes it even more important to address this problem.

Bowtie’s data transformation platform  helps financial services companies finally use harmonized, real-time, secure and governed data to make better decisions, grow their business, and meet compliance/regulatory objectives powered by real-time analytics. Moreover, with the growing trends of impact investing, it is now possible to track  impact outcomes along with financial outcomes.

Who we help: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Impact Investing, Banking and Credit Unions, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisors

Financial Services dashboard


Bowtie helps Manufacturing/Distribution companies utilize data to positively affect the entire supply chain, expedite growth and increase bottom line Manufacturing companies use Bowtie for real-time relational insights and analysis into production, inventory & customer management, working capital, quality assurance and much more.  

Microsoft Dynamics dashboard example for Manufacturing


Traditionally,most healthcare data was in hard copy format or stored in the IT department’s relational database. But today, IT departments receive health related data from various sources and in various formats, including wearables, mobile, and web technologies. Legacy data warehouses and systems are not designed to transform all this “new” data in real time.

Bowtie’s data transformation platform helps healthcare organizations integrate new sources of data with electronic health and medical records.   Because the data is harmonized, it can also be used for improving healthcare outcomes by using predictive health and artificial intelligence.  All the while, the data remains completely secure and HIPPA complaint.
sample healthcare dashboard


Transportation industry is experiencing a growing demand for ability to leverage data to improve distribution, logistics and transportation processes. Data analytics for transportation presents a unique opportunity to increase efficiency and meet global customer requirements. Companie are moving from static and backward-looking optimization techniques to forward-looking simulation capabilities that integrate with their existing technology platforms to be able to operationalize models and make long term improvements.

Bowtie’s data transformation platform helps transportation companies use real-time data to not only build operating models to analyze things like load management, driver availability, and carrier capacity, but also look at external data representing outside factors like government policy, natural phenomena and external partner costs.

Customer trend Dashboard


Federal, State and local governments along with some higher education institutions are facing numerous challenges as  they try to move towards digital transformation. Data privacy and governance along with budget constraints being the top areas of concern. Many of these organizations have spread the data across many silos with different departments and locations owning the disjointed data, making it nearly impossible to access and transform the data.

Bowtie’s extremely secure, fast and affordable data transformation platform offers a comprehensive solution for public sector companies with a quick turnaround time, giving these institutions a next generation data architecture capabilities for cross-functional/departmental data sharing and analysis while at the same time keeping the sensitive data properly governed and secure.