Case Study

Operating System

The Benefit

Quick and easy analytics for the Navis N4 terminal operating system.


Its finally possible to break the bonds…

Realtime analytics, dashboards, key performance indicators, root cause analysis at the click of a button… these are just a few of the tools most terminal managers dream of… BUT FOR THE COST!

Given my nearly two decades working with terminal managers, I wanted to see just how good the team here at BOWTIE is. They blew me away.

For fun (and to help me test the capabilities of our system and team) I provided them with a swath of data from Navis’ N4. I wanted to see how quickly we could take raw data, clean it up, rationalize it and work out several key performance indicators… all without instruction. Our team turned the entire project around in about 4 hours. Astonishing!

Here is why this matters. Prior to Bowtie, business intelligence and analytics projects required expensive ETL (extract transform load) technology, a robust database and a visualization layer (think PowerBI, Tableau, Looker or other) to accomplish such an effort… and that is just the technology. Most of the time, you also need someone with a Phd after their names to effectively make sense of the data. The Bowtie platform provides 100% of the software and hardware needed. Because their system is so simple / intuitive, the team was able to create the analytics (just a snippet shown above) without a data analyst or anyone from the the maritime / TOS space to help.

In short – the above project took 4 hours from start to finish. To be clear, this includes the time it took to upload the data to Bowtie, clean up the data, building the dashboards and publishing the results. I can say with a great deal of confidence that the days of hugely expensive BI projects are coming to an end! Bowtie may just be able to make BI and Analytics a reality for all of those stressed out terminal managers out there.


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